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Our company participates in Japan (Tokyo) International Solar Energy and Renewable and New Energy Exhibition

Adddate:2018-5-26 16:57:28

In order to better understand and master the situation of import and export sales in the international market, establish and improve sales channels; in order to better explore new international markets, understand the market situation of international resources and strengthen international trade cooperation; in order to seek better development space, increase foreign exchange income and create more economic and social benefits, the Secretary of the company and the general manager of the International Trade Department participated in 2018. Japan (Tokyo) International New Materials and New Energy Exhibition was held in Tokyo International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 23 to 26, 2000. In this exhibition, our company fully demonstrated the company's high-quality products vanadium-nitrogen alloy in front of the same industry in the world, and passed the company's production and management concept of "science and technology, innovation, environmental protection, integrity, win-win" to you. It has been recognized by old and new friends, and has sought more cooperation. At the same time, we have learned a lot through exchanges. The company will continue to actively explore the international market, increase overseas publicity efforts, so that the company can get better development.。

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