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Demand for vanadium alloys prohibited by the new standard of threaded steel for "water penetration process" is expected to increase

Adddate:2018-11-30 17:07:31

It is reported that the new standard of hot-rolled ribbed bar (thread steel) was issued yesterday. The new standard number is GB/T 1499.2-2018, replacing the old standard: GB/T 1499.2-2007. The specific implementation time is set for November 1, 2018. In the new industry standard, new metallographic organization inspection regulations, macro metallographic examination, Vickers hardness of cross section, surrounding organization and inspection methods are added, aiming at forbidding the market circulation of water-piercing reinforcing bars from the industry standard.

Since the end of 2012, the state has begun to enforce the implementation of high-strength steel bars. In the process of production, steel mills can not only increase the strength of steel bars by adding vanadium alloy, but also produce high-strength steel bars by "piercing process". "Water-piercing technology" is to improve the performance of steel bar by water-piercing after rolling, which can reduce the content of alloy elements, in order to reduce production costs and increase economic benefits. The tensile strength and yield strength of steel bar after water-piercing have been significantly improved. Although the strength of the steel bar of the water penetration process can reach the standard and the cost is saved a lot, it is easy to rust and the strength is easy to fail, so its function in building concrete is not comparable with that of the former at all. Therefore, state-owned steel plants and large private steel enterprises mostly adopt the former process, while small and medium-sized private steel plants mostly adopt the "piercing process".

It can be seen from this that in the future, after the implementation of the new standards for threaded steel in the steel industry, the threaded steel produced by the "piercing water process" will gradually lose market space. Small and medium-sized steel mills have to adopt the method of adding vanadium to produce the threaded steel, which will undoubtedly bring about a boost effect on the demand for manganese alloys, especially vanadium alloys in the later reinforcing bars

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