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A Breakthrough in Key Research Areas of Vanadium Batteries in CAS

Adddate:2016-2-26 16:48:34

Zhang Huamin and Li Xianfeng, researchers of Dalian Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, led the team to make new progress in the research of non-fluorine porous ion conduction membranes for liquid flow batteries. The cross-linking network structure was introduced into the porous structure of non-fluorine porous ion conduction membranes, which greatly improved the selectivity and stability of non-fluorine porous ion conduction membranes in the operating environment of liquid-flow batteries. The developed membrane materials run continuously for more than 6000 cycles in the environment of liquid-flow batteries with stable performance. Relevant results were published online recently in Advanced Functional Materials.

In order to solve the contradiction between selectivity and conductivity of non-fluorine porous ionic conductive membranes and further improve the performance of non-fluorine porous ionic conductive membranes, the team has successfully developed non-fluorine porous ionic conductive membranes with high selectivity, high conductivity and low cost through structural design, according to the China Science Journal of 25. The energy efficiency of single cell assembled with membrane material is over 90% under 80 mA/cm2 charging and discharging conditions. This is the highest performance membrane material reported so far. After more than 13,000 cycles of charging and discharging, the performance of the cell has no obvious attenuation and shows excellent stability. Relevant results were published as cover articles in Energy and Environmental Science. Reviewers of the journal commented that this is a pioneering work and has a long-term significance for the development of all-vanadium liquid-flow batteries.

Previously, media reports said that after one-time charging, vanadium batteries can last up to 1000 kilometers, charging time is only 3-5 minutes, known as the "perfect battery". Researchers say that in 2017, the potential market for vanadium batteries will be around 11 billion yuan. The development and application of vanadium batteries are expected to replace the historic trillion-grade blue sea industry of lithium-ion power.

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