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New Energy Entering "Vanadium Era"

Adddate:2015-12-14 16:47:46

"In the global development trend of new energy technology, the application of vanadium batteries has become the focus of attention." China Taizhou New Energy Forum recently sent a message that the new energy industry will enter the "vanadium battery era".

According to experts, energy storage technology can be applied in power generation, transmission, distribution and use. The main advantages of vanadium batteries are deep discharge with high current density, long cycle life, fast charging, low cost compared with other energy storage devices, and they are very suitable for large-scale static energy storage. Therefore, vanadium batteries can be widely used in the power industry.

According to the "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan" and the data of battery industry in recent years, the market of lead-acid batteries, electric vehicle batteries and electric vehicle batteries totals about 300 billion yuan. The market scale of wind energy storage equipment and urban peak shaving energy storage equipment used by vanadium batteries will be about 1100 billion yuan. Therefore, the general trend of national economic development has brought a historic opportunity to the vanadium battery industry.

Vanadium batteries are also most suitable for development in China. Firstly, Chinese companies have mastered the key technologies of vanadium batteries in the world. In addition, vanadium batteries have long life, repeatable discharge and high reliability, which can fully meet the needs of building smart grid in China. But in China, the vanadium battery industry is still in its infancy.

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