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Vanadium battery is one of the advanced green environmental protection batteries with strong development momentum (no harmful substances are produced in its manufacture, use and abandonment process). It has a special battery structure, which can discharge deeply with high current density, charge quickly, have high energy and low price.

It can be used as backup power supply for buildings, airports and SPC switching stations, as auxiliary energy storage devices for clean power generation systems such as solar energy, as well as for submarines and ocean-going ships, as well as for peak shaving of power grids. The cost of vanadium batteries is similar to that of lead-acid batteries. It can also prepare megawatt-level batteries, which can provide power for a long time with high power. Therefore, vanadium batteries have incomparable cost-effectiveness advantages in large-scale energy storage areas such as lithium-ion batteries and nickel-hydrogen batteries. Vanadium batteries have the advantages of simple production process, low cost and excellent electrical performance. Compared with fuel cells, which are complex and expensive to manufacture, they are more competitive in the application prospects of large-scale energy storage and power supply for electric vehicles.

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